Dear Men, Have a Good Sleep

Most criminal reporting researches show that among what are agreed upon as “serious crimes”, rape has the least reporting rate*.  And here we’re talking about completed successful rapes, not counting failed attempts. Also it’s well established that rates of reporting a rape by a stranger are much higher than a rape by a family member, a friend, or a sex-partner..

According to the  “Felony arrests: their prosecution and disposition in New York City’s courts” study, conducted by The Vera Institute of Justice, the differences in persecution and conviction, between rapes by a stranger and rape by a person of prior relationship with the victim (also known as acquaintances rape), are enormous. Look at this:

Half of the sexual assaults in the study were committed by men who had prior relationship with the victim; e.g. friend, relative, a date, a boyfriend, or a husband .. In the study, Sixty percent of the cases of rape by a person of a prior relationship with the victim were dismissed. Another 20 percent ended with a guilty plea with only minor punishment. However, all of the strangers rape cases went to trial. Seventy five percent of these cases resulted in conviction and imprisonment, and more than 60 percent of the prison terms exceeded 25 years.

In domestic violence cases researches frequently find that the police takes into account the nature of the relationship between the offender and the victim; the more intimate the relationship the less likely that the police would make an arrest. They are less likely to arrest the abusive husband than the abusive boyfriend, or the abusive sex-partner. **

The U.S  is one of the 105 countries that persecute spousal rape as a rape case. But still, many states still have specific exemptions to spousal sexual abuse, that either make it extremely hard for the victim to prove the crime, or justify some cases of spousal sexual assault, or at least the case end up being a case of battery, assault or marital abuse.

If someone still believes that the angry responses towards rape cases are based on the right of a woman to live safely, I wonder how s/he can explain these statistics.  Law -in most countries- do not consider acquaintances rape a crime as serious as ordinary rape. Anger towards rape, and the laws against it are in core a simple protection of the right of men to sleep knowing that “their women” will not be raped, by another man!


Shit, even aspell wouldn’t recognize “spousal” as a word ;)

*  Most researches in the U.S. and Western Europe estimate rape reporting rates as 1 out of 3 completed rapes. This estimation includes both acquaintances and strangers rape. The estimations are primarily based on large scale household victimization surveys. (update 20 October 2009).

* Walker, Samuel.  Sense and Nonsense About Crime and Drugs: A Policy Guide. Wadsworth

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4 Comments on “Dear Men, Have a Good Sleep”

  1. So all men are rapists !!

    Good luck in the streets ..

  2. Bonobo Says:

    Oh, I didn’t say this at all.
    I’m simply saying that the laws and law enforcement system primarily are protecting men’s rights not women’s rights.

    Take a look at this.

  3. OK , a little misunderstanding .. i received all the wrong signls from the post name.


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